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SVG Icon Sets

A collection of SVG icons for you, so you can use them while making changes in your theme or you can use them in your Blog Posts.
SVG Collection:

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  1. Thanks Apmody Team ❤️
    1. You're welcome 😊..
    2. How to verify blogger id like you
    3. it's only for blog admins,,
    4. Brother, let me tell you something
    5. what is it.. Bro?
    6. Can u give me this post code of svg icon 🙏
    7. The post code will only work if you use the APMODY blogger template Bro...
    8. Oh well bro, you can still give it to me please. You will be fine inshallah
    9. @Aruf Yudhistiar Fahza
      Bro Hello
    10. You can get it by view-source this page Bro...

      If you don't understand, contact me via WhatsApp..

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